Find A Great Builder

When choosing BUILDERS there a many things to consider.


Will your contractor genuinely care about customer satisfaction or will they only be interested in maximising their profit margins and getting the job finished in the shortest possible time?

How would you know before the builder has worked a day for you if they are the sort of company you would want to employ?

Have you considered:

  1. Asking your builder before you even award them the job if they would be prepared to give you a list of their previous customers and allow you to pick at random which ones you actually contact for a testimonial
  2. Have you considered what questions you need to ask them to make sure they are a competent contractor
  3. What about getting a total of at least 3 quotes so that you can compare how they stack up in terms of cost

How do you know if the builder will help you with the actual design of the project?

project design

If you are planning a small scheme such as an extension to your kitchen the chances are that you probably do not want to go down the route of hiring a separate architect to design the scheme for you. Will the builders you speak to expect you to provide them full working drawings so that all they have to do is follow the plans to the letter and you will get the extension you wanted.

Will the builder come in and look at the job and just turn up with his tradesmen set to work and build it?

Will he want a deposit upfront before he starts?

Will he expect you to provide and finance the materials?

Would you actually want to do that, do you believe that you could negotiate better prices direct from a builder’s merchant than the prices at which the contractor is charging them to you. Do you know if most of the BUILDERS MANCHESTER has to offer will finance the material costs and be happy to charge you at the end?

Do you trust the builder to pass on to you all the savings he makes when buying in bulk. Do you think it would be reasonable to even expect him to do so?

If hiring a builder is turning out to be a bit more of a mine field than you had anticipated why not consider using a company such as Dial A Builder, or possibly one of their sub divisions such as Dial A Builder Manchester. This company has 20 years of experience in dealing with contractors and has access to some of the most highly skilled BUILDERS MANCHESTER has to offer.

Another great advantage of Dial A Builder is that they are not just one single contractor. This company will listen to your precise needs and will then find the very best BUILDERS IN MANCHESTER to do the job for you.